Toasted Ravioli

For Mr. B’s birthday, I got him a deep fryer and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it.  The first couple of recipes I cooked in it fried nice and clean so we were able to reuse the oil, but this recipe left a bunch of gritty gunk in the bottom, so it was the last one we made before we dumped it.

Toasted ravioli are native to the same place as my mother, St. Louis, MO.  This may be why she allowed them in the house, despite the fact that they clearly have very little nutritional value.  The name is a misnomer because these babies are deep fried, not toasted, but the taste is really delightful.  In the midwest, they are usually made with meat inside, but cheese ravioli is especially exciting because a burst of hot gooey cheese oozes with every bite.  I used some huge fresh spinach and cheese ravioli because they were not only extremely tasty, but they weren’t quite as messy as pure cheese ravioli.

Like most fried foods, toasted ravioli are best when served immediately, so I’d recommend dredging all of your ravioli before you start frying (pictured above).  It does dirty one extra plate, but it also helps you get to eating them more quickly!

Toasted Ravioli



Eggs, beaten (plus a splash of water, if you’d like)

Seasoned breadcrumbs


Marinara sauce for dipping, warmed

This recipe is super simple.  All you do is coat and fry.  You don’t need to use a deep fryer- a frying pan with high sides works just fine.  Just make sure your ravioli get evenly toasted on each side.

To dredge your ravioli, dip each piece into flour until it’s lightly coated, then dip it into the egg on both sides, then dip it into the breadcrumbs.  A neat trick is to always use one had for the dry ingredients and one hand for the wet ingredients.  That way you’ll never get big egg-y flour lumps stuck to your fingers.

Fry at 350F for several minutes until golden brown.  Place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.  Serve with marinara sauce.

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