Okie Dokey Artichokey!

The oven is just such a magical place.  Baking is one kind of magic, but roasting vegetables is a special kind of transformation all its own.  On this blog it started with broccoli, and then beets, and today it’s artichokes.  It’s amazing to me that something tough and green like broccoli, or solid and starchy like a potato, or even stiff and prickly like an artichoke can, with the right application of heat and olive oil, become tender and nutty or soft and steamy.

Roasting is pretty much as simple a cooking technique as you can find.  The two things you need to know are temperature and time.  In this case, the temperature is 425F and the time is about an hour.  (I did and hour and fifteen minutes.)  I just olive oiled my artichoke, wrapped it in tin foil, and popped it in the oven.  If you’d rather not roast, there are plenty of other cooking methods as well as tips on how to remove the choke.

I served my artichoke with garlic butter (literally pressed garlic mixed with melted butter) but aioli is another favorite topping.  Artichokes on the grill are truly magnificent and if you are a lucky grill owner, you should consider making one right this second.

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