It’s my party- I’ll fondue what I want to.

I have been dying to say that for a while now…  I’m just cheesy like that.  (Get it?  Yes?  Hate me for it?  Yes?  Let’s just move on then.)

My birthday was on Friday and I had a little get together.  I invited too many friends out to dinner so the only reservation I could get was at 9pm.  Since this is far too late for most people I know to sustain their hunger, I had some snacks and wine at my house at the more reasonable hour of 7 for the guests who wanted to be fed a little something extra.

I had other commitments during the day, so I tried to keep it simple by not cooking anything.  It was tough, but I kept my mom on the phone at the grocery store so that I wouldn’t cave and reach for the whole blocks of cheese.  Instead I bought two packages of Trader Joe’s Swiss Beer fondue, along with plenty of dippers like carrots, broccoli, a baguette, and a few apples.  All I had to do was melt and chop and I was good to go!  That and a few carefully places bowls of chips, salsa, trail mix, and cookies (all courtesy of my buddy Trader Joe) and the snacks were ready with time to spare!

Mr. B surprised me with this enormous cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  It’s Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple, which is my favorite kind.  It has crushed Butterfingers above and within, ripples of fudge running through it and a creamy swirl of peanut butter on top.  It’s absolutely decadent and I highly recommend it.

All in all, my birthday was a lot of fun and it made me a bit sentimental.  I normally don’t veer too far from the food topic here (except in the case of major life changing news), but I just want to say one thing:  I used to worry a lot about the differences in my friends.  I focused on it too much I think, and I found myself a few really good friends and pushed aside the rest.  Now, I feel like I’m finally old enough to realize that I shouldn’t take a friend for granted.  All of my friends are so different from me and from each other, but that’s exactly the point.  And if someone is willing to care for me, then that is something worth loving them for, no matter how different we are, or what I once might have considered their flaws, because those are the most interesting part of all.

(Photos courtesy of my brother Danny and his fancy new camera lens.)

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