Valentine Cookies

I was planning to wait on this post because I have already posted once today (twice if you count my new look), but there is just so much cooking coming up, that I don’t want to get behind.  I want to tell you more about that granola and I’m going to have to tell you how it goes with Mr. B’s Birthday Cake, so you lucky dog, you’re just going to have to deal with three posts today!

I work in a lab and my lab had a party.  It was the kind of party you have in third grade with fruit punch and candy and little form cards with heart shaped chocolates attached.  I even decorated a brown paper bag with pink and red paint and too much silver glitter, which is still fluttering through my apartment getting all over everything.

However, form cards are not my style so instead I made goodies bags and these goodie bags had a theme: Sweethearts.  I don’t even like Sweethearts much, but they are a quintessential Valentine treat, so I decided to make a version I would like in the form of cookies!

These Brownie Roll-Out Cookies by Smitten Kitchen really are something special.  She describes them well, so I won’t try to outdo her, but I will say that after my first bite, I knew that they would be irresistibly dangerous.  I made a batch of these in a standard heart shape as the base for my Valentines treat.  (The bear was for Mr. B.)

After I let them cool, I coated them with a simple glaze.  I chose a glaze rather than icing because I wanted it to set hard so that the cookies wouldn’t be smashing into each other, and getting all mushed up.  I also like that the glaze forms a thin glossy layer that doesn’t take away from the rich chocolate flavor by being overly sweet.  It was messy though.  I would definitely recommend putting a paper towel under whatever surface you glaze on if you don’t want your counter top to turn a rainbow of lovely colors.

Next I made 1/3 of a batch (1 egg white) of Royal Icing, which I also knew would hold it’s form when dry, even after stacking.  I piped it through a plastic sandwich bag to spell out some of the sweet sentiments that are printed on the miniature Sweethearts.  Up this close, you can see how imperfectly I did it, but I do hope you’ll forgive me.  Everyone who ate them did!

I put two cookies (one frosted, one unfrosted) with a couple of packages of Sweethearts in some cute little baggies and voila!  A tasty unique Valentine!

One thought on “Valentine Cookies

  1. i got inspired by you and made these on sunday :)
    i think i may have overcooked them because they didn’t really puff up – but they did stay soft-ish in the middle so it worked out ok. i posted a pic on facebook if you want to see the finished product.

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