Not Exactly A Revelation

Mr. B and I are going out of town next week, so not only will the blogging take a short hiatus, but in our mission to avoid buying anything that will spoil, stale, or smell up the apartment, our fridge is also becoming rather bare.  For breakfast this morning there was no yogurt, no milk, no eggs, and I wasn’t feeling toast, so instead I got resourceful (remember the steel cut oats that I put into that long-gone granola?) and made oatmeal.  It seems to me that shopping and cooking for two is a constant battle with the “Go-Bad Gods,” but maybe that’s a topic for another post…

I’m no oatmeal fan.  I can’t finish a bowl of it without feeling sluggish and bored by the thick mushy consistency and the bland flavor.  However, if I load it full of good stuff like brown sugar, honey, almonds, dried cranberries, golden raisins, cinnamon, chopped nuts, chopped apples, a spoonful of peanut butter, or anything else breakfast-y or sweet, it becomes tolerable.  Maybe even tasty!

Also, a tiny bit goes a long way!  Tuesdays are a busy day for me.  I have class from 11:45-5pm.  Before that I’m often reading or doing schoolwork, and after, I’m in meetings or in my lab until later in the night.  In all that time being a good little student I tend to get hungry!

This morning I made 1 serving of oatmeal which was 1/4c. oats and 3/4c. water, boiled together until it was consistently mushy, and threw in a little of any of the above items that I could find.  I ate it at around 11am and I just started to feel hungry after a quick pit stop in the lab that ended around 6pm.  Now that’s a hearty meal!  My mom always wanted me to love oatmeal when I was younger but it seems to me that no matter how many times you tell a kid something, they’ll never really listen until they figure it out on their own.  Thanks anyway Mom!

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