My Curse

I’ve got a batch of Chadwick granola in the oven right now so you will soon be able to see some picture of its goodness right here on this blog. My tiny apartment is filled with its toasty honey vanilla aroma and I couldn’t be happier about it.

But speaking of my apartment, it is tiny. And I mean small. And I mean just enough room for two people to exist without bumping into each other constantly. Although I don’t usually bump into Mr. B, I do bump into other things frequently, like tables, chairs, trash cans, laundry baskets, and on and on. Sometimes when I bump, things break. Like cups. Lots of cups.

Yesterday I broke two glasses- a tall drinking glass on the coffee table and a stemless wine glass that was on the counter while I was trying to package up our dinner leftovers. After that second one, I really reached my breaking point (haha). It was the fifth glass I had broken since moving in 5 months ago and I was not okay with it. I went on a cleaning frenzy, reorganizing my closet, going through piles of papers, washing the stack of dirty dishes like a fiend. I was still mad at myself and my small (but extremely well-located) apartment, but I think it helped. I haven’t bumped into anything since last night and all of our glasses are still intact.

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