Mr. B’s Birthday Feast(s)

For Mr. B’s birthday he received one fancy restaurant meal, two home-cooked meals, two cakes, and 6 pints of the most magnificent ice cream.  Oh, and some presents.  I do know how to take care of my man!  I’m only responsible for the latter 9 things and some of the presents, but it was still quite a celebration.

For home-cooked dinner #1 I made beef stroganoff.  It’s one of Mr. B’s favorites so I know I’ll get around to documenting the process one of these days.

With side dishes, we kept it simple with roasted broccoli and garlic bread.

For dessert I made one of my favorite cakes ever: Orangette’s Winning Hearts and Minds Cake.  It’s a decadent almost-flourless chocolate cake.  It stores beautifully in the freezer and I am still eating the leftovers in tiny slivers a week later.

We went home for the rest of the weekend so his mom took care of home-cooked dinner #2.  However, I just couldn’t resist making the Pioneer Woman’s Coffee Cake. Literally. It’s a beautiful creation because it brings out all of those flavors you’re supposed to taste in coffee like caramel and nuttiness.  It was sweet and decadent and pretty easy to make too!

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