I’ve Found a New Dream

And this is it.
And this is it.

The humble food truck. So simple, so cheap, so delightful. And lawd knows I love breakfast!

Boston is still a baby when it comes to the food truck fad, especially compared to mobile restaurant mavens, Los Angeles and Portland, OR. However, the few trucks there are have been getting more attention lately; Speed’s and Clover Food Lab are two of the biggies.

But, Buttermilk, the new addition to the LA vehicular arsenal is really something I could love. The owner has a pastry arts degree and the menu is cheap, unique, and heavy on sweet and savory breakfast bites like Hawaiian Bread Breakfast Sliders or Chicken and Waffles for the late night crowd. I love the idea of breakfast food all day, and I could especially see it succeeding in Boston’s Financial District where business people who are behind on time can get some vital fuel to start their day with a little bit of a gourmet flair. Maybe I could be the one to provide it?

I’ll admit that I get a new dream about every other week- that’s no secret- but I really think this one could have potential.

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