Le Pain Quotidien

lucca bakery

I visited this little Belgian bakery/chain chain in Los Angeles for breakfast on one of my more recent visits and had an absolutely terrible experience. The service was pitiful and rude and the menu felt a bit pretentious and was extremely overpriced. This was disappointing because there are so many things to love about Le Pain Quotidien.
Firstly, the bread. There are many kinds of bread and pastries, as the name would imply, and every one I tried was delicious. The food was extremely fresh and the menu featured interesting European fair with healthy, light, and organic options. The patio was a great place for people watching and the cafe provided delicious coffee drinks.
If I were to open a cafe, I would want it to be something like that; a friendly patio, gorgeous plump fresh berries, hearty warming breads baked in-house, delicate pastries and strong delicious espresso. But I would have to trade the snooty attitude for something a little more down to earth.

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