Roasted Broccoli Omelette

broccoli omelette

Two days ago, I was making kid-friendly food, but today vegetable-hating children everywhere are screaming and running from me in terror. However, I am thrilled with my tasty brunch of…
DUN Dun dun…
A Roasted Broccoli Omelette!
I know it may seem odd, but roasted broccoli is one of my absolute favorite foods. It’s way up there with Caramelized Onion Cheddar and this cake.
To make the broccoli, which is a wonderfully simple side dish, coat even-sized pieces of broccoli with olive oil and sprinkle them with sea salt and pepper. Spread them out on a tray. Bake as high as you dare (I alternate between 450° and 475°F) and shake the pan after a few minutes so they cook evenly. When they are browned on the edges (about 5-7 minutes), they’re done! The roasting makes their flavor much more complex and interesting and removes the bitterness that you can taste in raw broccoli.
I learned this easy recipe from my friend Kayli and I have made it about a million times. I can never repay her! She is a photographer that I met back in middle school. We live across the country from each other but I still get to follow her life on her blog. The internet is such a wonderful thing!
As for the egg part of the omelette, I will only leave you with a tip from Paula Deen that always gives me fluffy, light eggs that do whatever I want them to: Add a splash of water to your eggs as you beat them. It’s that easy, but my life has changed forever.
Here’s to two lovely ladies who changed my (cooking) life and the one delicious omelette I created by combining their wisdom.

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