What’s a cook to do?

I’m living in temporary housing for the next two weeks and after catching up on all of my cooking blogs, I’m starting to go a little crazy. Nearly all of my kitchen stuff is in boxes. I was planning on purchasing paper plates and plastic cutlery but I haven’t gotten around to it yet so all I’ve managed to scavange up is four bowls, a plastic fork, and a plastic knife. Needless to say, we’ve been cooking dinner at friend’s places a lot lately. Last night for dessert, Mr. B was eating some gelato and I was eating my favorite breakfast/snack/dessert these days; Traderspoint Creamery yogurt (which comes in a wonderful glass bottle, above), sprinkled with granola, dried cranberries, and a little bit of honey. To accomplish this feat of eating concurrently, we had to pass our one plastic fork back and forth, licking well to clean between bites. Eventually I resorted to just going at the bowl with a finger. Quite barbaric.

Some of the things I want to make right now, but can’t: Coq a Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon, and Tarte Tatin. Why so many French dishes? Well, maybe because I saw Julie and Julia yesterday. Or maybe just because they’re delicious. Hopefully in two weeks I can work on sending some more dishes your way- light summery ones and buttery French ones alike!

Last week I was in Maine where I valiantly attempted to love fresh lobster (I get psyched out by their little faces) and got some cooking tips from a couple of deliciously domestic ladies in Mr. B’s family. I also baked up a storm despite the heat wave that has been boiling the East Coast lately. I made my latest favorite, the Wining Hearts and Minds cake again as well as Bobby’s Caramel Cake. I hope to get more creative and develop some of my own recipes some time in the near future, but right now I’m caught up in everyone else’s delicious ideas and without the proper equiment to execute any recipes at all!

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