Portland in Pictures

It’s about bedtime but I feel bad for not having done this already so I’m cheaping out by just putting pictures/captions. Pictures are worth more than words, right?

Brunch at Broder, Scandanavian food. The first of many delicious (and adventurous) meals.

A cool market where we got road trip snacks. Spices by the ounce. I want!

Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in George, WA by day.

Sasquatch by night. Bon Iver was playing.

The Saturday Market (on a Sunday)- My first Elephant Ear.

A walk along the waterfront and a peek at the Rose Festival.

My first real wine tasting at a beautiful winery outside of Portland.

Pok Pok Thai barbeque, fish sauce wings. I also tried sea urchin and duck hearts on this trip and went to numerous happy hours and a couple of bars too. It was fun to go out with my sister and her friends were great. I pretty much loved Portland and have added to my list of places I want to spend more time in.

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