I have spent the last two weeks taking some much needed down time. I still have classes, I’m looking for a second job, I’m trying to furnish my apartment for the fall, etc. etc. but the main point is that the farthest I’ve traveled in the last few weeks is Topsfield, MA (above)…

..and DAMN am I BORED!!

I miss the newness and the travel and the always planning something. I didn’t think I did until I saw another friend’s profile page with pictures in Prague and Paris and Italy and I started to get jealous of something I’ve barely left. It feels like a long time ago already, like time is rushing by so quickly with life so calm. I’d be ready to go back right now if not for missing Mr. B so much and the commitments I have and trying to find a way to earn back all the money I spent last semester.

In 10 days I will be going home for the first time in about 6 months and I am so dang excited! Not only to be moving around again (a definite plus) but to reconnect with that idea of “home” (which gets more and more jumbled, the older I get) and to see my family again.

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