Finally, a breath.

I guess after all that travel, I just couldn’t stop.

When I got home from Italy, I stayed home (in Boston) for a weekend. I caught up on sleep, I adjusted to the time change pretty easily, and I caught up with Mr. B, my brother, and some friends. I got home on a Thursday and classes began the next Tuesday. The following Friday, I took my next trip. Mr. B and I drove up to Vermont (4 hours each way) for Mother’s Day. I had a lovely weekend with my “Vermont Mom” and the whole family. Then I went back to classes.

The next weekend I met up with Annie and Megan in New York. Annie had just graduated and this was sort of a graduation gift. We saw Next to Normal, the Little Mermaid (front row), and a show that Megan was teching at Cap 21 called By Proxy.

I also got to eat some of my favorite Italian gelato one more time!

Then I took Annie back with me to Boston where we engaged in all sorts of touristy things, like a Duck Tour and a stroll down Newbury Street, and went out to a few bars to celebrate our recently acquired beverage consumption legality.

That Thursday she flew home and I flew to Portland to see Jessica’s new apartment and life. That was wonderful and deserves its own blog, I think, so more on that later. (I will note that Jessica showed me the cafe pictured above, Caffe Umbria. Cute!) With a few more days of class and finally this relaxing weekend in Boston, we have come to today. I’ve tried not to neglect too much while keeping up with all of this but I still find myself with a long list of things to do. So I’m off to do those.

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