Swiss Pics and Reflections

This entry will include a bunch of pictures Stacy and I took on her camera in Switzerland. It will also have some unrelated text:

In my Creative Writing class we have been reflecting on our study abroad experience and how the school could have made it better for us. Since this kind of reflection is supposed to be the purpose of this blog, I thought I’d write about a few of those thoughts here.

I love my roommates- we are all completely different and yet we get along. They have given me so much but the truth is, they have also held me back. We speak English. That is the main thing. I am almost always accompanied by people who speak English. I interact with Italians daily for food, shopping, travel, and even several of my teachers are Italian. Choosing Perugia over Rome or Florence was extremely beneficial in this way, but when it comes right down to it, I usually speak English because it’s easier.

Realistically, with only a few weeks of Rosetta’s Stone courses behind me, when I arrived in Italy, alone and scared, I was not ready to be in a home stay. It would have been an incredibly difficult transition and though it may have benefited me in the end, I’m glad I was able to avoid the stress. However, now that I have three months of Italian behind me, I think I could do it and if I had the option, I wonder if I would take it…

I also wish I had explored Perugia more. I know some things others don’t but there is a lot to see here. I often cook so I don’t go out to enough different restaurants. I don’t like to drink at the overwhelming bars ton of American students frequent every night so I tend to not go out and leave other neat, yet intimidating Italian bars undiscovered. Part of the blame lies on our half-assed orientation this semester, but most of it lies on me.

Since all my travel is planned for the last month and classes are winding down, I think it would be good to dedicate myself to learning this city inside and out. Right now Perugia is home, but I want to make it mine. I want to try new restaurants, meet new people, and make great memories of this stony town and when I go back to Boston, I’ll take that connection with me. I’ll belong to another place in the world.

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