Italy’s Independence Day

Saturday was Italy’s Independence Day and in celebration, the sun came out all day!

All the roommates + Adam started the day by heading down to the Saturday market one last time. Because of the holiday it was bigger and went on for longer than usual. I spent way too much money on souvenirs and made up for some of the shopping I haven’t done all trip. I also bought some of the best dried fruit I’ve ever had. Good stuff.

After that, Stacy, Abbie, and I had bellinis at Ristorante del Sole, a very cute cafe on the side of the mountain, overlooking Umbria. Because of our drink choice we got a little aperitivo of nuts, chips, olives, salami and such. Stacy said serenely, “I could sit here forever” but I could feel the sunburn creeping over my shoulders and had to move along.

We walked through the center with gelatos watching children and belly dancers on the stage (not at the same time), doing more shopping, sitting on the steps outside the Duomo with over a hundred of our closest Italian friends and got teas at yet another outdoor cafe, this time in the shade, as a parade went by. It was my first day of really doing nothing, the Italian way. I’m glad I got to have that warm sunny shopping day before going home and getting back to business, American-style.

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