Family Visit: Perugia

I didn’t take notes or even that many pictures during the time my family was here (excluding the pictures I took in Cinque Terre). I probably won’t even specifically recount most of their visit, but I will say that my favorite part of being in Perugia in my time here has been getting the chance to show it off in all it’s stony, hilly, Etruscan glory.

Because my family came the week before Easter, there was a nice market going on down Corso Vanucci with cheese and pesto, bread and sweets. While I was in class they shopped and explored and I mainly just took care of their meals. We had pizza at Pizzeria Mediterranea, a big roommate dinner with Stacy, Adam, Abbie, and Abbie’s dad at Osteria il Gufo, and a large but absurdly cheap dinner at “Il Tempo Perso,” more commonly known by Umbra students as “the secret restaurant.” One highlight was when my dad and I had a chat about the earthquake in L’Aquila in jumbled Italian and enunciated English with the owner of the lavanderia (laundromat) where he took some of the family’s clothes to be washed. Another was an impromptu performance of my talent show act for my family and roommates, all of us crammed into my little kitchen, still hung with streamers and signs from my birthday celebration the previous week.

For me, it was nice to just play 3-way gin with J and Dad on the floor in the hotel room while Mom and Dan napped and to stare out their window at the orangey rust-colored roofs flecked with moss and growth. It was nice to look out over Perugia with my family there to see it too.

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