Family Visit: Firenze & Cinque Terre

After a whirlwind day in Florence with a climb up the Campanille, gelato from Grom, the David, the Duomo, and sitting and chatting with Jess and Dan on the gentle slope in front of the Pitti Palace, all followed by a mediocre dinner, we headed to Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is made up of five tiny Italian towns nestled between cliffs along the ocean. We stayed in Vernazza, which I think is probably the most charming of all.

We hiked the route between each of the towns and sampled ll of the local specialties; pesto, anchovies (with tomatoes and potatoes), trofie- a funny, wiggly kind of pasta, and the delicious local foccacia- crispy and salty and covered in tomato sauce and pesto, pizza style. There were plenty of stray cats and cute little restaurants with colored umbrellas.

One night, Dan, Jess, and I went to the grocery store for some cheese, salami, baguette, and a little bottle of regional white wine and ate it out on the rock jetty during sunset. An aperitivo to remember, I would say.

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