Belated Birthday Pictures!

It took me a little bit of time to get these pictures from Stacy and Alicia, but here they are:

My Italian class buddy, Alicia.

My 21st birthday was simple and pleasant, but I’m much more excited for what lies ahead. I kind of think that 21 is the perfect age. I am finally old enough to be exempt from all age-restricted laws (except for renting a car- beh!), yet I am young enough to still make some mistakes and put off major responsibilities for another joyful year or two.

Alicia, excited for sushi!

Roommates Alicia and Ashley and their sushi boat.
They are both singers too!

Stacy with her sush.

There is plenty more time for dreaming about what my life could possibly be- tasting all the promise and possibility, but I’m also close enough to graduation that I get to start making it happen with my own mind and hands. A perfect balance.

Stacy and Adam, goofing around.

When Beth put wasabi in her mouth. The girl has no taste buds.

The whole gang!
(Beth, Adam, Me, Stacy, Abbie, Alicia, and Ashley)

I’m not a big drinker and I often call myself “boring” because I don’t like going out much. However, I do find certain bars charming and I have a culinary interest in alcohol so when I get back to my bar town, Boston, I’m throughly excited to explore the many new options I will have there.

Cute birthday cookies and gelato c/o Stacy.

I appreciate my friends here for celebrating my birthday with me and everyone at home who contacted me to make it special. I really do love birthdays and I’m glad I am old enough to stop expecting the world to spin around me on that day and simply enjoy it for my own sake. So that’s what I did.

My first birthday drink in Florence!
(Thanks Stace!)

Stacy’s weirdo drink with soy sauce…

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