Spring Break Part 2: Perugia

So as you know, Mr. B came to visit me for Spring Break. It was wonderful to have him here, show him a bit of Italy that I know, and then explore a little more of Europe together. While I think he would have been perfectly content to stay in various parts of Italy for his less-than-a-week trip, I had to satisfy my voracious appetite to travel somewhere new, and I’m glad we did. First we spent a night in Perugia then we went to London for three days and then we had two nights in Rome. All in all, I think he got a good taste of Italy and we both got in some solid London tourism.After Mr. B’s two flights, I dragged him on three different trains and the mini metro so we could get to Perugia. He said the views of Umbria from the train reminded him of Vermont which was a parallel I had drawn as well. Needless to say, when we arrived he was exhausted and took a nap. This was fine because most things in Italy are closed on Sundays anyway. I didn’t let him sleep too forever though and when it got a little later we walked around some, got espresso, and ate dinner. The weather wasn’t very good which is unfortunate because he didn’t really get to enjoy one of the biggest perks of living on a mountain: the views.

The next day I had much more of a plan. We walked around the city some more, visited my school, drank some great cappuccini, and ate pizza at my favorite restaurant. In the afternoon we took a bus to the Perugina chocolate factory for a fun free tour. That evening we caught a train to Rome where we stayed in a hotel right by the Trevi fountain. In the morning we took a bus to a plane to a train to London town!

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