Sorry. I know I’ve already typed up 3 extensive blogs today and that’s a lot of reading for you guys, but I was just looking through them briefly and I’ve done a LOT so far!

That’s great!! The last couple trips were a bit more expensive than just taking the train around Europe, but I think I’m still sticking to my budget fairly well.

Today is triumphant. Not only was my big essay postponed (yippee!!), but the man at my favorite kebab shop gave me a “frequent buyer” card. This is one of those stupid little triumphs that, in a foreign country, can make your day. I often stroll into Pascia at lunch time and say, “Vorrei un kebab con tutti,” I’d like a kebab with everything. Today the employee recognized me as a habitual customer and gave me a card, “Buy 10 kebabs, get the 11th free.” I’m not sure about the rate of my kebab consumption, but I think I may manage to do it in the next 6 weeks.

Now what exactly is a kebab, or döner kebab, you may ask? Well I happen to think it is a perfect quick, well rounded lunch, and one of the only common non-Italian foods to be found in Italy. It is spiced roasted chicken (schwarma) served with lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, hummus, and a little bit of spicy sauce, all wrapped up in lavash bread and grilled in a sandwich press. It is warm, fresh, filling, full of veggies, and has a little kick and I adore it.

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