Breakfest + Birthday

Last Thursday was a lot of fun because there was a big Perugian festival going on. It was called “Breakfest” and the idea was to encourage Italians to replace their sparse morning meal of a pastry and a cappuccino, called colazione, with the more filling and nutritious American style Breakfast. Breakfast + festa = “Breakfest!”

Stacy, Adam, Jamie, and I each filled out a survey (all in Italian) about our breakfast style and then wandered to each of the many booths spanning the main street “fishing” for milk bottles and receiving free dairy products in return, having a sample breakfast which consisted of cookies, an apple, and juice, trying other new pastries and juices, and receiving a cappuccino demonstration. All in all, I learned very little about nutrition, but I did get to interact with lots of Italians and got a bunch of free food for future breakfasts, so it was both useful and fun. They also took a picture of us at each station (we only got one) which they printed out so that we could verify that we learned something at each booth and then receive a free goodie bag at the end. Stacy, Adam, and I only got one very goofy picture, but we put it into our brochure 3 times, so the good natured woman at the last booth gave us our goodie bags anyway.

Last night I went out with my roommates and a few friends for sushi. It was the perfect low-key birthday dinner. I guess I’ve finally found a birthday celebration formula that works for me: small and delicious! I took some pictures on a friend’s camera so hopefully I will get those soon!

We got a bunch of sushi which was really good! Then we went home for some cookies and ice cream from one of my favorite gelateri, which Stacy had gotten for me. This morning when I woke up the kitchen was all decorated with signs and streamers. Adam had brought me a shared favorite pastry for breakfast (Apple in Pajamas) and the activity I prepared for my high school class went so well! It was the first time I really felt like teaching was something I could potentially pursue in my life. It was my last class with this particular teacher, Carla. She is such a sweetheart and a very good teacher. I really look up to her. She had gotten me a little gift for my birthday; a bedazzled pen. It is very fabulous. I hope we keep in touch after I leave Italy…

I have been sung at three times already (twice in Italian by my American friends and American classmates, and once in English by my Italian students). I have also received some amazing e-cards and e-mails from the people I love. It has been a pretty awesome day so far. After my next class I will spend the rest of my birthday on trains, sleeping on a couchette, and waking up in Switzerland. I can’t wait!!

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  1. This is sure to be a birthday you will never forget! Spending it with great new friends and traveling to Switzerland for your 21ST! How Awesome! I’m sad I didn’t get to talk with you on your birthday but I told everyone I know that it was your birthday Thursday. I can’t wait to see you and get a better idea of where you are living and going to school!

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