Writer’s Retreat

On Friday, myself and 25 other writers went to a beautiful agriturismo in the Italian countryside to be inspired by nature. I finally asked what an agriturismo is and found out that they are government subsidized small farms which are now equipped to serve tourism and thus are self sufficient. They’re also a great chance to experience the country lifestyle in Italy. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I’m planning to write a paper about it for my Food Cultures class. If you ever come to Italy, I would definitely recommend staying in an agriturismo for a night or two.

I did a lot of walking around, even though it rained a bit, and took some nice pictures. We also ate really delicious farm-fresh food.

My writing on the other hand wasn’t so good.

Beth and I shared a little room in the attic. I hit my head on the beams and the doorframe in the morning. I also brought my boots (because it was muddy) and managed to get the zipper stuck on one of them. After about 45 minutes of tugging, the owner of the agriturismo came over and said “You work so hard.” When he discovered that he too was unable to budge the zipper, he brought me some of the good olive oil from the kitchen. With that and my cuticle scissors, we were able to fix the offending boot. Thank goodness. They were the only shoes I had with me for the night.

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