Quick Update

Last week it hailed on Tuesday and snowed on Wednesday and Friday. Perugia is pretty much the only place in the region which get this kind of weather and snow usually only happens in the center of town about once a year. Some people don’t like it, but I’m a fan.

On Tuesday my Food Cultures teacher gave a public lecture about Italian food in American and identifying Italian culture through food. It was really neat and afterwards a bunch of students and staff went to this cool brewery called Il Birraio for a kind of reception. It is awesome because it’s a fusion of so many cultures; German beer, Indian style lounges, delicious Spanish sangria, and Italian pizza!

This morning I taught at the high school again and it went great! I really got to work with the kids and be in charge of implementing an activity. This weekend I went to Lucca (via Florence) and Pisa so pictures and updates from that trip will come soon!

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