Though I have a lot to say about this weekend (which didn’t go exactly as planned), I will start with this morning. It was the first morning of my “internship.” I don’t get any credit for it, but I do get a sweet Interdisciplinary Study certificate to put with my transcript. So mainly, it’s just for my experience.

I was extremely early, so I got a cornetto from a nearby cafe. When I entered the high school it was foreign in many ways. Not only was there the obvious language barrier, but the experience was so different from my high school experience. The students had more of that swaggering independence you see at public schools, more rebelliousness oozing from their mohawks and ear plugs. Of course there was a range of styles and personalities, as there always is, but it felt very distant from who I am right now.

I am sort of assistant teaching an English class, encouraging the students to create real dialogue with a native speaker, inspiring them to think there is a reason to learn my language. I started with an introduction and then they introduced themselves to me. I will be doing this twice a week (plus a few additional planning meetings) and I will be working with two different teachers. The teachers couldn’t be more different. I will probably get into that more after I’ve worked with the second one.

This week is so busy with the internship, an abstract due for one of my classes, midterms in only TWO more weeks! I need to stay focused. Luckily the field trips have kept me pretty close to Perugia so I’ve been able to get a lot done on the weekends. I may have to work harder in the second half of the semester to keep that up…

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