Food Field Trip Part 1

The weekend before last, my Food class had a field trip which ended in Florence. After a day full of eating and learning, I stayed in Florence with Jamie, Jenna, and one of their friends Anna and then we traveled to Lucca and Pisa. I’ll get to all that, but first The Food:
Firstly, a lovely surprise at 6:00am on Friday morning when we met up with our bus: SNOW!!

This is the Biodynamic farm we visited outside of Siena. We were given a tour and met lots of cute animals and afterwards we got to eat some of the foods produced on the farm like cheese, unpasteurized milk, bread, olive oil, and the most amazing grape and apple juice you’ll ever drink. We also learned what a biodynamic farm actually is!

Here are some cows. We were told that a biodynamic farm is like a living organism. Each part of the farm plays it’s role in making something that works, produces. Cows and other animals are like the gut of the farm. They digest the product and provide others to make the farm work. The farmers here put the cows droppings inside a hollow cow horn and bury it underground for the winter. He had us smell some of the dung that had undergone this treatment and it didn’t smell like anything. Our amazing Food teacher, a German man named Peter, told us that studies had show that this treatment actually does improve the fertility of the soil over untreated manure. Crazy stuff. Some people also stuck their hand in the bull’s mouth. He was pretty friendly but I’m still not sure why they got to do that…

Above Adam cuddles with a goat. A lot of people in class got to hold them and one of the farmers was so kind that he offered to give our class a goat as a gift. Peter vetoed that idea, saying we weren’t equipped to care for these kids.

Here is the spread of the food we ate on the farm. There was cow and goat cheese. We also got to try caffe del orso which is a coffee made of barley. It was very earthy but not bitter like regular coffee so I liked that.

I know this was not the best blog post ever, but I’m getting a little behind so I’ve gotta power them out!

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