This weekend was pretty low key for Beth and I. We didn’t end up meeting with Stacy, Abbie, Adam, and Jim in Naples and Capri. Instead I just got some work done, relaxed, and did a day trip to Assisi with some of Beth’s friends.

Assisi and Perugia are about 20 minutes apart by train and they have a tumultuous history of warfare. Those days are over, however, and for most Perugian students a day trip to Assisi is as obligatory as it is pleasant. My visit was indeed pleasant, but it was also somewhat frustrating. My travel companions were the “fly by the seat of your pants” variety which meant we almost missed every bus and train and I certainly didn’t get a thorough feel for the city. But it was still a good experience and I’ll probably be back to see it all again.

We got a late start and after the quick train ride and bus ride up to the top of the hill where the old city was located, we didn’t arrive in the heart of Assisi until about 4pm. The city had a much more fortress-like feel than cozy Perugia and I loved seeing the castles and towers around every turn. Despite some poor map skills by an incredibly sweet girl named Jane, we got a chance to see the sunset outside the Basilica di Santa Chiara (Saint Clare) and walked into Saint Clare’s tomb.

I then took over the navigation so that we could attempt to reach the very famous Basilica di San Francesco (Saint Francis, above) before it closed at 18:00. With a little hustle, we arrived at about 17:52 and snuck in the exit to look inside for about two minutes before we were kicked out by the guards who wanted to close the building. Some of my other friends said they had spent hours there so a few minutes were not enough for me. My travel buddies however, seemed to enjoy the rush of making it at the very last second. To each his own, right?

After that we just had a nice dinner and headed home. There was a bit of a mishap because the train didn’t run all the way to the main Perugia station on Saturdays, but a precarious windy uphill bus ride later, we were home. All in all, I suppose it wasn’t much to talk about, but I managed to write plenty. I always do.

One other thing of note: I bought a pair of black leather boots in Assisi which is something every woman in Italy needs to have. I was pretty excited because they are very me: good soles, elastic sides for my muscular calves of steel, and best of all, they were on sale. I think my mom and sister would be proud. : )

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  1. Just getting caught up on your life in Italy. I love your writing and love your pictures. I hope this doesn’t mean you are moving to Italy. What a beautiful experience you are having! It makes everyone want to go there. Maybe you can be a travel writer!

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