…I leave.

Today I am doing all kinds of useful errands like adding a little buffer to my bank account, picking up the winter coat I ordered (pictured previously), buying more converters, and on and on. Yesterday I sat around like a lump because I couldn’t get myself to leave the apartment (anxiousness, you know) but today I am on many a mission and there is no time left to sit.

It snowed last night. I love that. It was like a little going away present for me.

I also got my small digital camera in the mail from Annie yesterday which am very happy about because it is much more portable and much less likely to get stolen then my d40. I immediately took several extremely awkward pictures with it (below).

(Alex, Katie,

Last night I hung out with a few people from Boston Life for the last time (above). We just sat in one of the classrooms at work and ate pizza and drank a bottle of cheap strawberry champagne (below), but it was nice. I hope I make friends as easy to be around in Italia.


I also learned these Italian words on Rosetta Stone last night:
Abbracci e baci (Hugs and kisses),

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