Time keeps moving…

It feels like I have been here for weeks, at least. I know this is because everything is new and I know once I am in my regular classes everything will slow down or speed up or do whatever it is supposed to do… at least I think it will. I have already signed up for a weekend in Tuscany and a cheese tasting workshop. Fun times.

Last night my roommates and I had dinner cooked for us by three of our new Italian friends (above). They are actually Italian citizens who came from America and Canada for various reasons. The food was great and it was a lot of fun because they are 19, 20, and 21 so it’s nice to meet English speaking folks our age who know all about Perugia.

Yesterday I also learned how to shop in a supermercato (sort of) and today I learned how to order food in a cafe. To sit at a table in a cafe (or restaurant) here costs extra money so most people just stand at the bar as they drink coffee or eat a sandwich. The other night I made some chocolate pasta and some chocolate sauce to go on it (above), but unfortunately it was much more intriguing then it was tasty. Luckily, Beth liked my chocolate sauce so she ate it for me.

2 thoughts on “Time keeps moving…

  1. Yeah it was weird.
    And no they don’t usually seems to serve tap water, though if I knew how to ask they might. They always have flat and sparkling bottles of water (bottiglie di acqua) though. There are also no drinking fountains in Italy. Like at all.

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