T Minus 5 Days

Even though I’m in California (my kitchen above, Huntington Gardens below), I never changed my computer’s clock to 3 hours earlier, so I just realized that my countdown might be a little skewed if I wrote a particular post after 9pm…
I am heading back to Boston today to pull myself together (and see Mr. B & some friends) before I leave. Being home can be frustrating for me because it seems like old arguments and high school drama never completely fade, even though we’re all older now. But I also feel like this trip was too short. I got to see my grandparents 4 times and my aunt and uncle 3. I had many family meals (there are always many family meals!) and saw most of the most important people from high school, though not all. It’s funny because thanks to BostonLife (my co-op job), I’m finally starting to feel like I have a consistent and enjoyable social life in Boston but I am leaving it behind for what I once referred to as “My Great Escape,” Italy.

I suppose I am not following the blog guidelines that well… I should probably read those over so I know what I’m supposed to be writing about.

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