Still Feeling Yuck…

But slightly better today.

I have had all of my classes at least once except Photography which is today at noon. Creative Writing and Food Cultures both look very promising. I already wrote my first piece for Creative Writing which I think isn’t too bad despite the edge of a headache I battled while writing it. Food cultures seems like something I’ll totally be into and my lack of history knowledge probably won’t even slow me down much. Also the field trips for both the classes sound awesome. I’ll let you know about those as they happen.

Last night I went to a cheese tasting at school (Jamie with cheese above). It was just put on by one of the staff but there was a TON of cheese! We went from soft cheeses (ricotta, crescenza stracchino) and white wine to hard cheeses (scamorza, asiago) and red wine. The parmiagiano reggiano was definitely the best and the gorgonzola a close second. I also learned about how cheese is made and what rennet is. Not something I really wanted to know.

I’m looking into doing an internship while I’m here. I was hoping to get co-op credit for it but I found out that’s not possible so I’ll have to see what the time commitment is.

Now it’s off to my busy busy Wednesday!

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