Sad Roomies and more Food Pictures

(Written 1/12/09, 20:37)

That’s the meal we just made. It’s open-faced grilled eggplant sandwiches with cucumber, tomato and hummus. Stacy mashed the chickpeas for the hummus by hand and by whisk, Beth prepped the eggplant in seasoned olive oil and flour and grilled it, and I chopped all the garlic and some of the veggies. Apparently the whole thing cost about $5 for the four of us.

The reason I didn’t get to bed until late last night is partly because of the time change and mostly because my roommate is having a hard time here. She was pretty sad and wanted to talk which was perfectly fine but I haven’t slept a full night yet. Even though it’s karaoke Monday at Rock Castle tonight and one of our new bartender friends offered us “Free Welcome Shots,” I am looking forward to a cozy and early night in with my super simple homework, my book, and my bed.

One of the things my sad roommate Abbie said is that she feels like Perugia hates her and she hates Perugia. Everything looks ugly to her and everything feels hard. I was empathetic but later I said to Annie (via Facebook) that Perugia knows how to treat a lady. I don’t mean it in the sense of the men (because we know they don’t), it’s more the beauty, food, and sense of fun. I have a feeling the “fun” aspect may get to be too much for me, but for now I’m going to throw myself into it (in a responsible way).

Today we had our first lessons. The first week of class is only intensive Italian: grammar in the morning and practical (vocab) in the afternoon. I really really enjoyed my class. This week, my teacher is Francesco B. and he is very sweet. In the afternoon we learned words about living in Italian apartments. In between classes I spent some time on the internet (Thanks for the e-mails and comments! I loved them!) and had my first REAL PIZZA ITALIANO! I consider the 1 euro slices I’ve had to be an inferior breed. I forgot that I had my little camera; I would have taken a pic. Jamie, Jenna, and I went to Pizza Mediterrenea which is a nice sit-down place with a wood burning oven. Jamie’s pizza was €3.60 Jenna’s and mine were €6 each. And these were full pizzas we each only ate half of. Good deal! It also took under 10 minutes for the pizzas to be ready. I have been introducing my roommates to the fact that I think about food more than most people, especially in a new place with new stuff to try, and they don’t seem to mind at all which is good. They are a little difficult though because Abbie is a vegetarian and mentioned that she was “over tomatoes” today and Stacy and Beth are trying to eat somewhat low-carb which rules out pizza and pasta. They also have been saying since we got here that it’s too cold for gelato. I don’t mind cooking healthy and having low-carb and veggie options, but I do have a slight and completely repressable urge to shake them on the shoulders and remind them that they’re in Italy!

Tomorrow gelato! And more class! And maybe some grocery shopping. And maybe maybe walking around the underground city or checking out the Etruscan well right near the central piazza. I feel like I will be planning my first trip pretty soon because I don’t think it will take as much time to settle in as I thought it would. I have to get my pasa de soggiorno on Friday and have an Arcadia orientation on Sunday so it probably won’t be this weekend, but the next one maybe! Where should I go??
We are thinking Firenze…

3 thoughts on “Sad Roomies and more Food Pictures

  1. I would say shake away. You have the right attitude for your stay in Italy. Maybe your roommates need to be reminded that they should enjoy and experience Italy as they will be back home before they know it.

    I will say that all the talk about food makes me quite hungry. Ha! Ha!

    It sounds like you are getting settled in. Can’t wait to read your future postings.

  2. As usual, you seem to jump right in and adapt. Hope your roommate feels better about it soon. I can’t wait to try out your favorite pizza place when we arrive in April. You will have all the hot spots picked out for sure by then.

    Glad you are enjoying the Italian

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