Italian Gelato!!!

Today we had our Italian placement tests. I chose to take Italian 110 (Intensive Italian) because 1) I just remembered how much I LOVE languages! 2) Spanish has helped me a lot so I already understand the grammar and lots of words. 3) It counts as my full Italian requirement at Northeastern so it’s like a double whammy! 4) I want to know how to talk to people here and know what’s going on around me.

Yesterday I got my first gelato. I chose gelato alla mela e pera (apple and pear) and the apple was oh my god so good! It was from Grom, which is a delicious delicious chain but I definitely want to try some of the independent places too.

Here is some graffiti on a street near our school. Principessine ti amo.

Here is a pizza I got with sausage, basil, cheese, and an egg cracked over the middle (before it went in the oven). Delicious, but not something I am planning on making a habit of. Gelato on the other hand…

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