Irish Bars and Purple Pasta

(Written 1/12/08, 18:50)

Yesterday we had our practical walking tour of the city. (My street above.) There seemed to be a lot of variation with the tours. Ours was about 45 minutes and was useful, but only covered the bare basics of the things we will need to know in Perugia (how to ask for an ATM, a shortcut between the university buildings, location of the grocery store, a bus stop, and the mini metro) while another group got a 2 hour tour with a full history of the city and a trip through the underground city. I would have appreciated that one, I think, but the practical aspects were also beneficial.

All of my roommates had to use the internet so we did and some point we ended up splitting up and losing track of each other. My roommate Bethany (Beth) and I made some delicious bruschetta and drank our amazing €2.50 bottle of Sangiovese while Stacy and Abbie were off at some restaurant making friends with the owners who said they were to be called aunt and uncle. That night we decided to try to watch the Giants football game because we had heard it was being shown at Merlin or possibly Shamrock, but when we arrived we were informed that the games were not being broadcast here. (Boo.) When I called Mr. B later he told me that the Giants lost anyway. (Double boo.) We stayed at Shamrock until about 10:30pm (22:30) and then called it an early night. Shamrock is a very cool underground Irish bar that is all dark wood and pictures and beer paraphernalia adorning the walls and they serve Strongbow hard cider on tap which I appreciate because it’s hard to find in the US and I have never liked beer. Because it was ridiculously early on Italian time, about 8:30pm when we arrived, there were only a few people in the bar, mainly a small group of local bartenders/bar workers that we chatted with for a while. They were sort of an odd bunch but two of them were cool. They also gave everyone but me a shot with Bailey’s and tequila which sounded completely horrible. Most of the bartenders here don’t make cocktails because Italians don’t drink them so it’s sort of funny when Americans ask for drinks and the bartenders don’t know what they are.

Even though we went home early, I didn’t manage to fall asleep until about 3am. I hadn’t had dinner so I decided to make a bunch of pasta (we don’t have that many groceries yet), eat a little, and put the rest in the fridge. Since I was making pasta, I figured I’d whip up a basic cream sauce (well, technically milk sauce) to go on it. Beth got in on the action and decided we should add some of the dark dark Sangiovese wine to it which made for a really delicious and rather purple sauce. I took a picture but when it was actually over the pasta it looked less purple. Haha.

It is now dinner time so I’m gonna help my roommates cook, as requested but I’ll finish in a bit. After the purple pasta exploits we talked for a while but when I realized it was 1:30am I knew it was time for bed! However I didn’t get to bed for a while! More later!

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