Forno Rotto

We have been unable to get the oven in our apartment to work, even with the help of our Italian neighbor so last night I “baked” cannelloni on the stove in tin foil. It worked surprisingly well. My roommates (and Jim and Adam) think I am a fabulous cook because so far nothing has gone wrong, but I’d call last night a near miss.

Last night, Adam, Stacy, and I did our reading together for our food class. It was super helpful to do it as a group effort. I think we all absorbed much more than we would have alone. If anyone is concerned that I am mentioning Adam’s name a lot, I can assure you that the “flirtation is constant” (to quote Abbie) only between Stacy and Adam. I love their dynamic and I think my presence also take the pressure off of them to act on whatever is going on between them, so it works out perfectly between the three of us; fun and uncomplicated (thus far). I reminds me a lot of Israel, actually.

A couple of random pictures:

2 thoughts on “Forno Rotto

  1. Shaina,
    Why am I hungry after I read your blogs.
    I am so happy for you to be in my favorite place in the world.
    Enjoy every second and catch up on
    sleep when you get back to Boston.
    What a great opportunity!!!!
    I am jealous and happy for you.
    ENJOY it for all of us
    Love Aunt Stef

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