Festival di San Costanzo

Yesterday was the Festival of San Costanzo, one of the three patron saints of Perugia. It was a work holiday for a lot of Perugians so at the end of my Italian class, our teacher Francesco B. took us down to the special holiday market as a treat.

As we walked he explained the special round loaves of bread that were eaten on this day. In Piazza IV Novembre there were tents filled with tables, each one from a different local bakery, each one covered in round bread and thimbles full of wine. At some point during the day, the tents were opened and all the wine and bread were given out to the locals for free. By the time I got back from the market, it was all gone… Sad.

The market was in a part of town that’s a little bit far from my home so I had never been there before. It was a great chance to explore some new streets and scope out new stores as well as buying farm fresh cheeses and meats and a few souveniers. I was also able to get basic home goods for very cheap so I finally bought a can opener for our already well furnished kitchen. I love our kitchen…

Some of my roommates went to Napoli (Naples) and Capri (Capri) this weekend, but I surprisingly opted to stay home. Originally Beth and I were planning on meeting up with them tonight but now we aren’t. I needed a little time to decompress and a little space to be by myself in my room and I think it has been good for me so far. Today I did an orientation for the internship I’m doing while I’m here and I’m really really excited about it. It’s similar to what I’ve been doing the last 6 months but it will give me good insight into Italian culture so that’s great. I actually have to run because I want to se this presentation (in Italian) that’s starting in two minutes but more updates on that and the internship later!!


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