Day 1

Well, I made it.

(Frankfurt Airport: Run down? Run right?)
Only a 7 hour plane flight, a 2 hour layover, a 1.5 hour flight, and a 3 hour bus ride later. I got about an hour of sleep on the bus ride and about 15 minutes on the 2nd flight so I should pass out easily tonight which may help with the time change.

Tomorrow we have walking tours of Perugia and we get to move into our apartments at 10am. I am excited and nervous to see what my apartment will be like since it is completely a lottery. I may have a tv and a lot of culinary utensils and a beautiful view of the city or I may have none of those things. All I know right now is that my apartment is about as far from the school as it can be. Haha. I have met one of my roommates so far and she seems very nice.

(Square toilet in the hotel)
We (my roommate, three people who lived in my freshman dorm, and one of their friends) walked around the city a little bit to find an atm, some toiletries, and lunch. We ended up climbing some huge hills which seems to be the most common terrain here and caught glimpses of some cute restaurants and glorious pastry shops, all closed for an afternoon break. We then ate some square slices of 1 Euro pizza which were decent but not quite up to my high Italian expectations.

There is a 7:30pm dinner and I intend to pass out soon after so I’ll be awake for all the orientating tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 1

  1. yay you are there!!! can’t wait to hear more about it!!

    mom and dad are currently at work building me a dresser thing for my clothes. gotta utilize them while they are here. we had pizza for lunch in your honor :)

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