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(Written 1/10/09)

This morning we were taken to each of our apartments by van. I met my other roommates and they are very nice too. I wouldn’t say we clicked instantly, but hopefully there won’t be any major problems. (A picture of us going out with names- Abbie, Bethany, Stacy)

I did however, click immediately with our apartment. While there is no living room, the room I share with Abbie is really big and I have lots of storage space. My roommates think it is very cold but I don’t really mind it. I still want some slippers so I don’t have to walk around in my socks/shoes but I will get them eventually.

Here is a tour of our place:

Our apartment is on the corner of a small side street and up a long flight of stairs. If you enter the apartment you see our entry hall.

The door on the left leads to the big (yes!) kitchen, though I didn’t take a picture of the table or tv.

The door on the left of the kitchen (Picture 2) leads to the bathroom.

The door on the right of the hallway leads to my big room that I share with Abbie…

…and the door straight off the hallway leads into Beth and Stacy’s room (Beth is pictured).

We also got a chance to walk around downtown Perugia a bit and it is really really wonderful. I was kind of worried because our hotel was on the outskirts of town and though the hotel was nice, the area was kind of dreary, playing host to the local McDonald and some graffiti. It was also sort of difficult to walk around in that area. But the city center is a huge piazza with the Duomo on one side and the City Hall on the other. Both are gorgeous old buildings with lots of steps.

The surrounding streets are mostly narrow cobblestone alleys with stores that sort of blend into the stone for a good portion of the afternoon and then light up again at night. If you walk from the main piazza (IV Novembre) down Corso Vannucci (the widest street in town), there is a big ferris wheel at the end. It is something that goes up in the winter (along with a merry go round on a parallel street) and even though I don’t like ferris wheels much, I may have to make an exception for this one. It is set on the edge of a cliff overlooking a valley and will have some spectacular views.

We are going out tonight for the birthday of a girl I met in the airport in Frankfurt. Her name is Raphaella and she will be 21, so of course she wants to party…

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