As anyone who reads this can see, my daily blogging in Israel didn’t go so well. However, when I go to Italy, the blogging will be mandatory (for a grade) so hopefully that will encourage me to keep it up!

The mandatory blog is supposed to be reflective and such so from now on I will put anything personal under a cut… Just as soon as I figure out how to do that.
I got a letter from my friend (pictured above in Venice) who is currently doing the same program I will be doing in the Spring and it was very helpful. She gave me some advice on packing, classes, and places to go. It’s all reassuring, but I’m still a little anxious. I know I will figure everything out when I get there and likely have “the time of my life” but until that point, I have plenty to worry about with packing and moving out of my apartment, and even just cooking for Thanksgiving next weekend! Time is moving so quickly since winter started. I just want it to snow. It feels like the world slows down the first time it snows each winter and I could certainly use those extra minutes to breathe…

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