Quick Update

I have been baking a lot lately. It’s probably the stress of new things manifesting as deliciousness, but I’ll get to that later this weekend. For now, a quick stash of PhotoBooth cooking pictures I have been hoarding…

Classy Campfire Food:
Potatoes, ground beef, onions, and butter toasted in a puff pastry.
A hearty, steamy treat.

Mama Sawyer’s Stuffed Peppers (as made by Mr. B):
Green peppers filled with beef, rice, and seasonings, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and roasted in marinara sauce.

Mama Sawyer’s Goulash (as made by Mr. B):
Macaroni, ground beef, tomato, spices, and lots of chili powder.

Sideways Chicken Pot Pie:
Cream of chicken soup, frozen mixed veggies, and shredded chicken, baked in a pre-made crust.

Because Mr. B and I are both working full-time (and then some) we have learned to appreciate the joys of simple cooking. We use a lot of quick cooking meats like ground beef.
He likes to stick to his mom’s recipes, while I like to improvise. It’s been fun having a standard routine because it makes it easier to fall into a pattern where cooking is commonplace.

This weekend I will post some real recipes with pictures from my real camera!

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