Israel: Day 3 (p.2)

The “map activity” we did today was actually really awesome. Our trip coordinator from Israel Experts made a large map in the floor of the cafeteria out of tape and had us get involved by representing the countries while he reshaped Israel again and again, tracing it’s history and it’s many wars. I found this incredibly interesting and it really filled the gaps in my history knowledge. I feel like it answered a lot of questions I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking and definitely increased my depth of experiences here.

After that we had more free time, in which I hung out with my new friends Ryan, Jessie, and Jessie, all of three which are girls. (Ryan and one of the Jessies is in a picture from last night’s party.) I also showered and got ready for our night out in Tiberius.

We had a brief Havdalah ceremony. It is really striking to me how much everyone’s Jewish experience has differed from mine. Many people don’t know the tunes to prayers or didn’t go to a Jewish camps like I did. Another fun tidbit: a large majority of the Jews in my group have tattoos. This really shocked me.

After dark, we drove to a part of Tiberius which was mainly a walkway right on the Kinneret which was full of bars. We ate bar food, drank bar drinks, and danced until midnight. I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t want to bring my camera for “a night out,” even though I wasn’t sure what it would entail. I ate dinner with Harper (who is really awesome), our two trip leaders, Phil and Clare, and our guard Gilad. Everyone met up to dance together, along with another Birthright group. I had a lot of fun and now it is quite late and wake up call is in less than 5 hours so I should go. Tomorrow we get to head towards the south and I am very excited! I can’t wait to see Jerusalem and see all of the famous Jewish landmarks I have heard so much about.

Shavua Tov!

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