Israel: Day 3 (p.1)

Today, because it is Shabbat we are unable to drive anywhere. This limits us to staying on the kibbutz until tonight when we will terrorize the streets of Tberius with our antics.

This morning, I was the first person in my group to go to breakfast. This includes the staff. I arrived at 9:15 to a dining hall full of strangers ate my hard boiled egg and feta cheese alone for a little while before Harper showed up followed a few more people. We got a chance to tour the kibbutz which once had huge chicken coops and lots of agriculture but now houses a plastic lid manufacturing plant. We walked past the abandoned chicken coops to look out over the Kinneret and then found a shady spot to discuss the way kibbutzim have changed over the past two decades.

After that we had lunch and free time to wander the kibbutz (lots of people used my computer, some swam or played frisbee), and now we’re heading to some sort of activity where we will learn about maps. Woo!

Back soon,

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