Passover Extras!

I figure Black & Whites are a pretty popular cookie at most delis (they’re my Dad’s favorite) so why not make Black & White Matzoh?  I melted semisweet and white chocolate with a little milk and brushed them onto the broken-up matzoh with a spoon then left them in the fridge to harden.

Matzoh ball soup leftovers in the fridge: I used my Grandma’s (on my Dad’s side) recipe for the matzoh balls, but they delated a bit and the soup was my own creation which I cooked all day long.
This is my Grandma’s (on my Mom’s side) House Dressing.  It is amazing and one of our few family secrets.  So basically, you can’t have it.
Matzoh Brie.  Obviously my breakfast the next morning.  1 broken up matzoh + 2 scrambled eggs in a frying pan.  A little bit of jelly.  Just like Dad used to make.

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