Cookies and Cream Truffles

The only picture I took is of the truffles chilling out in the fridge.

I use this recipe to make delicious Cookies and Cream Truffles that always mysteriously disappear in a day or two.  The first time I made them, I sprung them on my boyfriend and his friends during an intense session of Rock Band.  One of his friends grabbed one quickly between sweet guitar licks and appeared to gag on the truffle.  When he swallowed, he moaned and said, “It’s like an orgasm in my mouth.”  So take that for what you will…

The first time I made them, I used white (Uh-Oh?) Oreos, which gave the inside a nice cream color and enhanced the buttery flavor.  A lot.  I also made them in a Magic Bullet, which was tricky and small and took a long time, but actually left a nice grainy texture inside the truffles.  These days, I have my beautiful, gorgeous, incredible 11-Cup Cuisinart Food Processor (my Hanukkah present) which cut the prep time in half and left the truffles smooth and creamy inside, just like store-bought.
I coated the chilled truffles in a mixture of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and some cream melted together over a double boiler (or a small bowl on top of a pot, if you’re me).  Alton Brown says, if you want the chocolate coating to have a nice snap, don’t raise the temperature of the chocolate over 94 degrees F.  Without a candy thermometer, I didn’t manage to achieve this, but it’s good to know for next time.  I love the homemade feel and the richness of this dessert.  It makes a great gift in a nice little box, or just something to snack on, if you don’t mind the calories!

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