Brunch: Fake Eggs Benedict & Mini Caprese

I’ve never poached an egg before so I attempted it today.  It looked strange in the water but tasted pretty good.  I didn’t use any fancy tricks, or even add vinegar to the water (I didn’t have any), I just set it at a low boil and cracked an egg into it.  I only let the egg boil for a few minutes because I didn’t want the yolk to cook through.  I then placed in on an english muffin toasted with spreadable cheese (Kaukauna or WisPride) and melted some cheddar over that.  Certainly not healthy, but probably healthier than a real benedict, certainly easier, and most importantly, delicious!!
I also made this “Mini Caprese” (“mini” because of the size of the cheese and tomatoes) to flesh out the brunch aspect of my meal and help me move just slightly away from my two favorite food groups (breads and cheeses).  I halved cherry tomatoes and small balls of ciligiene mozarella, add a tiny dollop of pesto, a couple tablespoons of balsamic, as well as some salt and pepper.

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