Braised Beef Brisket

I used the recipe from my page-a-day How to Cook Everything calendar.  As you can see, on the left is the “Braised and ready to go in the oven”  stage, and below is the “I’m all eaten” stage.  I forgot a good in between picture.  I sliced the brisket and cooked it for an extra 5 or 6 hour beyond what the recipe suggested which made it much more tender.

A Jewish guest at my Passover seder claimed it was the best brisket she ever had!  Nice!  The only drawback is that the braising stage involves butter which makes this dish not Kosher, but you could easily substitute oil or margarine.

One thought on “Braised Beef Brisket

  1. with the shortage of kosher-for-passover margarine this year, i would say you actually did a mitzvah by leaving what margarine there was for the jews who played by the rules :)

    the brisket looks delish!

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