Black-Bottom Cupcakes

I used the cookbook that Mr. B got me for Valentine’s Day (I think) or possibly our anniversary called “Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey.”  (I would type in the recipe but it’s all packed up and ready to move home, unfortunately.)  I subbed Ricotta for Mascarpone for the filling because it was what I had.  They were still good and fairly moist.  The only problem was that the proportions seemed a bit off.  I must not have used enough filling because I had quite a bit extra (about the amount of two full cupcakes) and the chocolate glaze was way too much!  I poured it into a container and refrigerated it to make a nice buttery fudge.  : )

I’ve also made the Spanish Hot Chocolate and Churros from this book which were both delicious.  The hot chocolate was super rich!  I need to try a few more of these recipes.  The chocolate cake looks especially good.  Perhaps for a birthday party..?

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