The Hunger Mood

Hunger is a process that’s always present, always running in the background, only occasionally rising into consciousness. It’s more like a mood. When it slowly rises or eases back down, even when it’s beneath consciousness, […]

Residual Warmth

This morning’s tea time was all about the sun. I sat outside and saw it rise over the houses that surround mine. I felt its warmth on my face and its searing gold light through closed eyes. And I was grateful for a million little things, but most of all, the sun.

Here is something I wrote yesterday:

Each morning, when I take my last sip of tea, I feel the residual warmth of the teacup and I think; How lovely it is that I will carry this moment of peace into my day, just as this teacup carries warmth to my hands after the tea has gone.

It is the fifth day, and I think it will be a good one.

It Begins with Tea

The last few weeks were hard. I was working long hours, not sleeping enough, dragging through each day. And yet, the month of June was flying by, with nothing to tie me to it. I was struggling, so I talked with a friend for a while. She helped me get my head a little sorted, and then she gave me this gift.

The Zen of Wude: Meditations on Buddhist Philosophy, Gratitude, & the Art of Being

She sent me this podcast, which I listened to on Friday night as we drove to Vermont for a restorative weekend of green trees and sunshine with Mr. B’s family. It’s long, but I highly recommend it. For me, it feels like a game changer.

Since Saturday morning, I have been starting each day with a mug of tea and a few moments of peace and stillness. I am trying to practice gratitude and be present. It’s only been four days, but I feel content and full in a way I haven’t in a long time.

I know that I am often excellent at trying new things, and not always excellent at maintaining them, so I’m planning to write here about my meditations on tea and my experience of living mindfully. Because maybe it will help to sustain a thing that is, for now, filling me with peace and joy.

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