34. Café Sushi: Sushi that inspires soliloquy.


There were a few Boston 50 restaurants that I marked in my mind as good places to go with friends. Most places on the list are a bit spendy and a fair few are for special occasions only, but there are a handful of places that seem low key, affordable, and fun. There’s a barbecue joint in Fenway, and a friendly, delicious Chinese food truck-turned brick and mortar. There’s also one pizza place and this humble little sushi spot.

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6. Sarma: A Mid-East feast.


The second restaurant my family tried over Thanksgiving was Sarma and it was a hit! Sarma is a meze bar, which means a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern small plates restaurant. There were 7 of us, and by the end of the meal, everyone was full and happy. The day after, when I brought it up, Mr. B simply said, “The food last night was really good.” You’ve probably figured out by now that from him, that’s a rave review! Of the handful of “top” restaurants I’ve tried thus far, this one was the first one that really stood out and I can’t wait to return.

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